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View text answers

If you select the View Text Answers, you allow the recipient of the shared report to view all open text answers in the report. Open text answers can be classed as sensitive information because they might reveal the respondent. If you have open text answers in your survey you can choose to hide them all, reveal them all, or only reveal answers from certain series in the shared report version. You can also anonymise them.

Block access to open text answers

Click SHARE > Settings icon  (link or email) > View text answers. Here, the toggle button should be deactivated/greyed out.

If open text answers are blocked, they cannot be exported by the report recipient through Excel or PowerPoint. Also, the ANSWERS button above the word cloud, which gives access to the text answers, will be disabled.

Allow access to all open text answers

Click SHARE > Settings icon  (link or email) > View text answers. Here, the toggle should be set to activated/green.

By default, all open text answers become visible for the report recipient(s) when you toggle View text answers on. This is reflected in the preselected Include all series setting.

The full text answers can also be accessed through the ANSWERS button above word clouds or through PPT or Excel exports if those are activated for the shared report version.

Allow access to all answers from certain series

It is possible to make text answers visible for particular series in a report, while keeping others hidden.

Click SHARE > Settings icon  (link or email) > View text answers (toggle on) > Only include specific series

This will activate a dropdown, where you can specify which series are cleared for showing open text answers and which are not.

This setting will make only text answers from certain series visible via the ANSWERS button above word clouds in the shared report. If exporting a report is allowed, only the text answers from cleared series will be exportable.

Note: Word clouds will still be built based on all open text answers from all report series, without giving access to open text answers from the series that are blocked.