Netigate Success Center


Share live results

If you want to share live results such as votes or answers to a quiz during an event, you can. Use Netigate during events to visualize the results instantly.

How to share live results?

  1. Create the survey you want to use during the event. You can read more about creating surveys here.
  2. Go to Distribute -> General Link -> and download or copy the QR-code.
  3. Participants at the event can scan the QR-code and directly answer the question.
  4. You can visualize the report on e.g. a big screen at the event. For that, go into the report of your survey, click Share and copy the respective link from the pop-up window.
  5. Paste the link into a browser and show it on the screen.

Results are received in real-time.

Note: Please refresh the browser page to see the latest responses.