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Migrate from Classic to New report

The New Netigate Report is launced and you therfore need to migrate to New Report to still be able to use your classic reports in the new platform. If you have created and saved any report versions of a survey in the Classic Report, you can migrate them to the New Report to keep or continue working with them further.

How to migrate to New Report?

Enter the New Report and follow these steps:

  • Click LEFT MENU / Saved reports / MIGRATE
    • If there are any reports saved in the CLASSIC REPORT version for the selected survey, they will be listed under the MIGRATE tab
    • If you do not see the MIGRATE tab, there are no saved report versions in the CLASSIC REPORT for this survey, or you have previously selected to IGNORE them.
  • Click Select all or choose the individual reports you want to migrate
  • Once migrated, you can find your reports by navigating to LEFT MENU / Saved reports / CREATED

  • If you do not want to migrate certain old report versions to the new report, click IGNORE upon selecting them
    • Once the old saved reports are ignored, you will not be asked the same question again
    • If you regret ignoring a report and still want to migrate it, you can toggle back to the CLASSIC REPORT, select that saved report, save it again under a different name and it will appear under the MIGRATE tab

Note: A migrated report is just a copy of an old saved report as it was at the moment of migration. There is no connection between the old saved report in the CLASSIC REPORT and the migrated one in the NEW REPORT. Any changes made to one or the other will not be reflected in the respective counterpart.

What happens to my shared reports?

If you shared your saved reports from the CLASSIC REPORT, the links your report recipients’ have will still point to the report version in CLASSIC report. Any changes made to the migrated version of that previously saved report in the NEW REPORT will not be reflected in the shared version.

Therefore, if you want to make further changes to any migrated reports, and you want your report recipients to be instantly updated, share the report links again from the NEW REPORT.

Will the migrated reports be changed in any way when migrated?

CLASSIC and the NEW REPORT are not exactly the same, so there may be some minor differences between the CLASSIC/original report and the new migrated report.

What stays the same after migrate to new report:

  • Report title
  • All created series
  • All applied filters
  • Layout changes (e.g. hidden questions remain hidden, etc.)
  • Survey language
  • Added text boxes and images (without applied formatting)
  • Show/hide page number setting
  • Custom colors for graphs set at account level

What changes after migrate to new report?

  • Matrix presentation
    • In the NEW REPORT we do not support ALWAYS SPLIT MATRIXES setting that was available in the CLASSIC REPORT. Therefore, if the matrix question in the migrated report was split by row in the CLASSIC REPORT, it will be presented as one matrix question in the NEW.
    • If the user split matrix by rows and then hid some—but not all—of the rows, the whole matrix will be visible in the migrated report.
    • If all of the split matrix rows were hidden in the old report, the whole matrix question will be hidden in the migrated one.
  • Formatting of added text boxes
  • Custom colors applied per individual graph