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Collect external ID

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    For certain surveys, you might want or need to collect information about your respondents. Even though the survey is accessed from a General Link with no opportunity to use a Respondent List. This can be done via an individual ID assigned to each respondent, which is collected alongside their answers to the survey.

    When do I need to collect external ID?

    One common scenario for wanting to collecting external IDs is when conducting panel surveys, where you are typically contacting unknown respondents to gather feedback. For most panel providers, it is important that they are able to track respondents and their answers so that they can compensate them, for example.

    Another scenario where one may want to collect respondent IDs would be from a website evaluation where respondents entered the survey through a static link. In these cases, for example, the ID could be a visitor ID.

    What do I have to do?

    Firstly, you will need to make an addition to the survey link in order for the system to correctly signal that there is an ID connected.

    Secondly, you will need to generate a mechanism inside your questionnaire to pick up the unique IDs when the respondents are entering the survey.

    How to collect ID with the general link?

    You will need to create a General Link in the Distribution area of your survey and then copy the link. Paste the link to either a document or the URL bar of your browser and add this short tag at the end of the link to include an external ID: “&EID=[ID]” or “&CPXID=[ID]”

    The most important part is “&EID=” and “&CPXID=” as these two are the abbreviations used by the system to identify IDs. The “[ID] part at the end is something that you will need to replace with the tag or placeholder that you need to use in order to collect IDs.


    This example is connected to a demo NPS survey. You may replace “[ID]” at the end of the tag with whatever you wish.

    When conducting a survey the “[ID]” needs to be replaced with the placeholder used by the panel provider, or visitor ID tag from your website.

    Collect ID in the survey result

    In the survey you will need to create a Textbox question. This textbox will be used to collect the external IDs that are attached to the survey links.

    Once you have created the textbox you will need to access the settings of the text box and select the option called External parameter. The external parameter will make the textbox invisible to the respondents but will work in the background, collecting IDs for each of them.

    You can assign a header/title to the text box in order to make it easier to identify when going through the responses.