Netigate Success Center


All surveys

When you want to view the results of a survey or edit an existing survey, you will need to go through the All surveys menu. In this menu, you will be given a quick overview of all ongoing and completed surveys that you have access to through your user login.

Filter on surveys to display

You have several options that affect all of your surveys. For example, you can filter your surveys and show only active, upcoming, ongoing or completed surveys by clicking the dropdown menu Select folders. Simply select the folder(s) you want to see in the dropdown, or click Select all to see all surveys. You can also filter on Select status to view survey who have a specific status (for example Active or Scheduled).

Survey calendar

You can also show the Survey Calendar, which shows the schedule of all your surveys in a calendar view. You can adjust the view by month, week, day or show it in list-form. You can also filter the calendar to display only surveys from a specific folder.

Individual surveys

Besides those overarching features, you also see the list of all your surveys with different actions concerning individual surveys.

Here is a step-by-step overview of the page:

Survey: The name you gave the survey at its creation. This name can be changed if you enter the edit mode for the survey and click the name at the top of the page. If you click on the survey name here, you will immediately enter the edit mode for the survey. You can also see a flag. The flag is based on which language selection is made in the settings of the survey.

Status: Displays the status of the survey:

Inactive – Inactive means that the survey is not active at the moment. Therefore, it cannot be answered.

Active – Active shows that the survey is online/active and you can collect answers if you have a working link or sendout connected to the survey.

Scheduled – If the survey is marked as scheduled it means the survey has been activated but the start date has not yet been reached. It is scheduled to become active on the set start date.

Completed – The survey have been active but the end date has passed. When the survey is marked as completed, survey links and sendouts have been closed and can no longer be accessed.

Start: This is the set start date of the survey.

End: Survey end date. The final date on which the survey can be answered. All links will close at midnight on this set date.


– Click the info button to receive additional information about the survey. For example, General information, Distribution information and Response information.

– Click the pen icon to edit the survey. You will be taken directly into the edit mode for the survey and will have the option to make changes and updates. Read more about edit survey here.

– Click the contact list to go directly to the Distribution menu for the survey. That’s where you create messages and links to collect answers. You can read more about distribution here.

– Click the chart icon to see the results of that specific survey. You can read more about report here.

– Click this icon to get additional selection choices for the survey. You can choose from Create a copy to copy the survey and create a new version of it, Delete to send your survey to the deleted category of your account and Archive to move the survey to the Archived survey category of your account.