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Export personal data

Export Personal Data is a function in the Netigate Account Settings. On this page you will be able to search for an individual respondent’s email or telephone number to view existing- or export all personal data that you have saved about that specific respondent. You can also delete saved information about any respondent that you have sent surveys to in the past.

Important: All deletions are irreversible and it is not possible to restore any of the deleted data.

When do I need to use Export Personal Data?

This function is connected directly to your survey respondents and its purpose is allowing you to administrate the storage of personal data about specific respondents.

If you need to do any of the following, you will find this functionality helpful:

  • View all personal data that you have about a specific respondent.
  • Remove all personal data about a specific respondent.
  • Remove personal data about a respondent on specific surveys.
  • Export all personal data that you have about a specific respondent to Excel.

This functionality could for example be used when you are contacted by one of your respondents, asking you to delete all information that you have about them. As respondents, they always have the right to be forgotten by the system and this functionality is a solution for that.

How do I access the Export Personal Data settings?

Start by heading to your Account Settings, and select Export Personal Data in the Retention tab. Once you have entered this option you will see a search menu where you can enter an email or telephone number.

Press the button Get Personal Data to start searching through all your surveys to find any connection to the phone number or email address. If the search is successful and you found data for that respondent, you will be able to view this information on screen. As for this example, the respondent has been added five times in our account:

Delete data points

You will be presented with the information that is available for the respondent and be given the option to delete certain data points by pressing the button shown in the delete column.

In case the respondent exists on an anonymous survey, you will not be able to view any personal information about that person or whether they have answered the survey or not. All you will see is information that there is personal data about that person and give you the option to Delete personal data.

There is also a possibility to completely remove the respondent by pressing the button called Delete any personal data.

This will remove all information connected to the respondent. This action is irreversible, and you will not be able to restore any of the deleted data.

Export data

When you are presented with information that is available for the respondent, you will have an opportunity to export all data points to Excel. To do this you need to press the button Excel at the top of the list.