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    Threshold intervals is one of the ways Netigate offers set KPIs on your survey results. This feature can be applied on all types of weighted questions. And it allows you to categorize different parts of the question scale and see how your results are distributed within the set categories. 

    This feature is included in extended licenses and available as an add on for users with smaller packages. 

    Apply threshold on the question

    1. Click on  in the upper right corner of the question dash 
    2. Select Set Threshold Intervals 
    3. A modal will open. By default, it will have 3 colors corresponding the traffic light. You can stick to three categories or reduce them to two, by setting the same value as highest for the RED and lowest for the GREEN interval. 
    4. Name your intervals by adding text to Status label box 
    5. Set the values in value boxes by typing the value or using the Ù and Ú buttons 
    6. Tick the checkbox at the bottom of the modal if you want your threshold to show in the graph as well, as opposed to table only. 
    7. Change the intervals color by clicking on the color square and select the color from the color picker. 

    In graph Threshold Intervals are visualized in a form of a bar stretching parallel to the question scale axis.

    In the table the threshold intervals are reflected by coloring the values with the color of the interval they belong to. 

    Threshold Intervals can be combined with Target Values in the same question. 


    Threshold intervals can be exported to PDF, Power Point and Excel.  

    Edit and delete threshold intervals

    Once Threshold Intervals are applied to the question they can be edited at any moment. 

    1. Click on  in the upper right corner of the question dash 
    2. Select Edit Threshold Intervals 
    3. A modal will open. Edit the intervals or delete them by clicking on DELETE button.