Netigate Success Center


Design Editor

Design your surveys to have a personalised look and feel made available to all of your survey respondents.

Using the new Design Editor in Netigate Feedback, you can now edit templates to have the following design attributes.


  • Add customised logos in .png, .jpg / .jpeg image format.
  • Align your logo to left, center or right alignment.


  • Select from the fonts available with additional font support planned.


  • General colour options:
    • Background colour.
    • Top and bottom bar.
    • Text colour.
  • Primary button options
    • Primary button, progress bar and select colour.
    • Primary button text colour.
  • Secondary button:
    • Secondary button colour.
    • Secondary button text colour.

Colours codes can be added to the text box. Note: This fields supports alpha-numeric characters only, e.g. a-z / 0-9. ‘#’ is not a supported character entry.

Once edits are made to the new Template, you can save your changes. The template will need to be renamed when first saving, and template names cannot be duplicated.


All design templates – folders

Netigate Templates

All templates created by Netigate. Netigate templates can be duplicated and saved to Company templates. They cannot be edited, renamed, or deleted.

Company templates

All templates are saved in the company templates folder. Templates can be renamed, duplicated, deleted or edited.

Deleted templates

Deleted templates are moved to the deleted templates folder, for 30 days., after which, they are automatically deleted. These can be restored to continue being used. It is not possible to delete templates that are assigned to a survey.


Create survey – design preview

Templates created in the Design Editor page, will be visible to select in the list of templates. The folder structure in this view is according to the list above.


  • Templates that have advanced CSS editing, are not able to be modified in the design editor page.
  • Templates created in the Design Editor page, are not able to be edited with the CSS editor.