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Add a point system

If you want to use Netigate for quizzes or tests, this is of course possible! Follow these steps to create your quiz or test.

Step 1: Quiz settings
Step 2: Add questions and answers
Step 3:Timer and Time Limit
Step 4: Adding a point system

What is a point system?

It is also possible to use a point system where the respondents can see the range in which they placed. Or if they have passed the test or not.

To illustrate this, we will use an example of a questionnaire with 10 correct answers. We want the results to be presented in three different ways; did not pass, almost and passed.

Go to the End Text page and add the following text:


[0-4]You did not pass the test.[/0-4]
[5-8]You almost passed the test.[/5-8]
[9-10]Congratulations! You passed the test.[/9-10]

Let us explain what the different lines mean.
The first line: [points]0-4,5-8,9-10[/points] tells the system what the different ranges of the test/quiz will be.

The following lines tells the system what text to display depending on which score the respondent gets. For example, if the respondent gets a score between 0-4 correct answers the text displayed in the end page will be “You did not pass the test”.

Put [score] between the intervals to display the respondent’s score.

Note: do not use spacing in this code as the system will not be able to read the code when there is spacing.

If you have selected the Display answers option in Survey Settings, an overview of correct and incorrect answers will be displayed below the respondents’ score. Same goes for Correct answer count if selected.