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Star Rating

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    What is a Star rating and what is it used for?

    Star rating is a feature where respondents can rate their answers by using visuals in the formation as stars as seen in below image. This should be used when only one of multiple answer options can be chosen.

    How do I customise my Star rating?

    As you can see you have a selection of options for your Star rating on top of the dialogue box. Let’s take a look at what these do, as well as the basics.

    Add the question by double-clicking the top row.

    Number of stars is used to add ore remove number of stars. Star rating only works with 5-7 stars.

    Weight is used to provide you with the possibility to weight the response alternatives. Weighting the response alternatives gives you the ability to draw different types of values in your report. For example, an average value and the standard deviation of the answers.

    Required is used if you want the response of this question to be mandatory. This means that the respondents need to answer the question to proceed to the next page or your survey.

    When you are satisfied with your settings, click Save and preview your page to check that everything is the way that you wanted it to be.

    How does the Star rating look for the respondent in the survey?