Netigate Success Center


Edit survey

Once you have chosen which of the below options for your survey, you will have to name it, and select the period for which it will be active – both of these can be changed in the Survey Settings later if you want.

You can also choose if you want the survey to be anonymous. Once this option has been activated it cannot be deactivated. If you are in doubt as to whether your survey should be anonymous or not, we recommend you to not choose this option here, but rather in the Survey Settings later.

When satisfied, click the green Create button to enter editing mode for the survey.

On top is a static menu that will stay the same whether you are in editing mode or distribution. On the left side you will find a menubar for different question inserts, and just below you have a menubar for the different pages in the survey, as well as a quick summary of your Survey settings, Design Template and Survey Language.