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Add drop-off statistics

In the Survey Information overview, you may see that some of the answer sets are categorized as Drop-offs. With drop-off statistics, you can find out where in the survey respondents decided to stop responding and ‘drop off’. This information can be useful for ongoing or long-running surveys because it allows you to address any potential issues that are causing respondents to not complete your survey.

Adding a drop-off dash

To analyze drop-off statistics, you need to add a drop-off dash your survey. It will illustrate respondents journey through the questionnaire page by page. 

  1. Click Left Menu > Manage Layout > Add to add a drop-off dash to the bottom of your report
    You can drag and reposition once it’s added

    Click on a + symbol between the dashes where you want to place the dash
  2. Add new dash window will open 
  3. Select Metrics tab 
  4. Select Drop-off analysis box 
  5. Click Add 
  6. Drop-off analysis dash will be added to the report 

Every Drop-off analysis dash starts with the total number of respondents who have entered the survey by clicking on the survey linkAll further calculations in the DROP-OFFS column are made based on this value. 

the DROP-OFFs column is color-coded, helping you to analyze the data quicker. 

This column always shows how many respondents did not proceed past the page as well as % of all entering the survey in parenthesis. 

The Device used column can also be helpful when analysing drop-offs. Some question types can be harder to answer on certain devices, and that could be a contributing factor to the drop-off rate.

Good to know

  • The drop-off rate for each page indicates how many respondents completed the page but did not continue beyond it. To reduce high drop-off rates, look to improve the following or linked pages. Note that these may not be consecutive if jump logic is used in the survey. 
  • Drop-off statistics are shown on a page level, so if you have more than one question on a page it will be hard to figure out which one is the main cause of the drop-off.
  • If your survey contains background data questions, these are automatically recorded as ‘answered’ once a respondent clicks on the survey link.
  • If the page is missing a title, it will be called “Unnamed page” in the survey page column of the drop-off table.
  • The drop-off analysis dash is not sensitive to filters. It will always includes all respondents that answered the survey.
  • The drop-off analysis dash is currently not exportable to any format except PDF.