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Merge survey results

To merge survey results you will need to go to All surveys and click Merge at the bottom of the list of surveys. It is very important that the surveys you want to merge are identical. They will need to have the same questions, answer options, and all be in the same order for the merge survey function to give an accurate result.

You will be forwarded to a new page where all the ongoing and archived surveys are listed. If a survey is located in the Deleted tab it will not be displayed.

The first thing you will see is a button labelled Merge, then a list of surveys that you have access to, followed by a row of headers for the different columns presented:

  • Survey Name: Presents the name of the different surveys that you have access to.
  • Questions: The number of different questions/mechanisms in the survey.
  • Responses: The total number of responses that have been registered to the survey.
  • Start: The Start date selected in the survey settings.
  • Language: What language the survey was created in.

Below this, all of the surveys are listed and you will have two options for each survey:

    • The first symbol to the left (the circle) is the survey you want to copy all the settings and question descriptions etc. from.
    • The second symbol (the square) is the checkbox that you tick to select the surveys that you want to merge the results from.

When you have selected the surveys you want to include in your merge, click the Merge  button and you will see a new menu where you are prompted to provide the following information:

  • Survey name: This is the name that the merged version of the surveys will display.
  • Questions in survey: Here you can decide which questions you want to include in the merge. For example, maybe you just want to merge questions 5-10 or 3-5 in each of the surveys. To merge only questions 3-5 enter 3-5 in the box. If you want to merge all the questions leave the box blank.
  • Survey Category: This is the folder in which the merged version of the surveys should be located.

Read through the information and check the box Confirm to verify the contents of the merge. Next, click the button Create to start the merging process, or click Cancel to discard the merge. Please note that after you click Create the system will need some time to load in order to process all the data in the surveys.