Netigate Success Center


Share a report

You can share a report that you have created with anyone within, or outside of, your organisation. You can tailor reports in many ways to fit your specific needs. For example, you can hide sensitive data and structure reports in the best way to help recipients make sense of it.

You can also create comparison series, hide questions, change their order, include or exclude data, and much more.

Applying different settings allows you to modify rights and permissions as well as secure the data in the shared report.

Share from an open report

If the report you want to share is the one you have opened, click on the SHARE button in the action bar menu to open the share modal.

From there you have two choices of how you can share the report: via a generic link or via an email.

Simply copy the Shareable link that has been generated for your report, and share it via any channel you wish. Any changes you apply to the link settings, or in the report version attached, will be applied immediately.

Share report via email

To share by email, add the email address(es) of you report recipients, separated by coma, in the box and click Enter. Unlike sharing via link, this approach allows you to keep track of who has access to your shared report. This also means that you can amend this list of recipients later, changing settings for specific recipients or removing access completely.

Share single or multiple reports from saved reports

Click LEFT MENU > Saved reports > Created and then select report(s) you want to share. Then, click the SHARE button.

­­­­You will then be redirected to the share modal, where you can choose to share the report via a link or an email before defining rights and permissions.


No matter which sharing method you choose, you get access to a standard list of settings and permissions applied to the shared report. Any change in these settings is applied immediately.

Learn more about the different settings listed in the side menu of the Success Center.