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Personalise your survey using background data

Personalise your survey using background data. When using background data you are given the possibility to include personal information in your survey questions and email message. This information can be anything that is included in your uploaded list, for example, department or closest manager.

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Use background data in the message

By adding personal information in your email message, you increase the possibility of the respondent answering your survey.

Personalise your e-mail to add, for example, the name of the respondent in your e-mail message. Other information such as contact person can also be added.

What are the advantages?

  • Gives your survey a personal touch.
  • Makes the respondents feel important.
  • Increases the possibility of the respondent answering your survey.

Note: This function is not recommended to use when conducting sensitive surveys such as employee satisfaction surveys as it is important to guarantee the anonymity of respondents.

How to add background data to message

In the message section of your chosen sendout channel you will see the option “Insert background data”.

Start by selecting where you want to insert the data. Since we have already imported out background data, we will, by clicking the “Insert background data”-button, get all the options that we have added. These can include First Name, Last Name, tittle etc. depending on what you added.

Select the background data that you wish to add to your message. For example, name and last name. Make sure that these codes are in the same row so that they will be displayed correctly for your respondent.

The same goes for if you want to change the contact person depending on who the recipient is. Go to the section of your message that you wish to insert background data and insert.

Tip: The same method of adding background data tags can be used in the Introduction-, End– and Info-texts in your questionnaire.

Use background data in survey

Adding personal information in your questionnaire can clarify any questions or doubts a respondent might have about the content of your survey. For example, if you have a question regarding your closest manager it could be some doubt to who that closest manager is which can easily be clarified by inserting the person’s name in the question.

How to add background data values to your questionnaire

Create your survey as usual.

The information you will use must be entered into an Excel-document and uploaded as a respondent list to your sendout. Make sure it contains all the information that you want to use, such as the name of the closest manager or department for example. To read more about how to upload a respondent list, click here.

When the respondent list has been uploaded and saved to your sendout, go to either the email text or the introduction-, end-, or info texts of your survey. You will now be able to see a small button called “Insert background data” in the menu.

Place your cursor in the open text area and click the background data-button. A small menu will appear where you can choose from the different columns that you have uploaded to your respondent list. Pick the column containing the closest managers name to insert it.

You will see a background data “tag” appear in the text area.

Copy this tag and insert it in the questions where you want to display it. This tag will be replaced by the name of each respondent’s closest managers when they answer the survey sent. The information is based on the data that you uploaded in your respondent list so make sure the list is correct before sending the survey.