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Track questions through time

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    You can track the question through time, which is particularly relevant for long lasting or ongoing surveys. Timeline can be added for all question types except matrixes and textbox (word cloud)

    All added timelines have time period on the X-axis.
    NPS questions have Score (-100 through 100) on the Y-axis, while other question types show number of answers on the Y-axis. 

    Adding question timeline

    1. Click on  in the upper right corner of the question dash 
    2. Select Add time 
    3. Question timeline box will be added to the question dash 

    Edit question timeline

    When adding a timeline you can set a time frame, set a step in X-axis, change graph type, and move, resize and delete timeline.

    Setting the time frame

    The added timeline always inherits the time-filter selected for the whole report. If no timefilter selected “Al time” is a default option. You can choose a different timeframe for the selected question and it will override the default setting.

    Setting the step in X-axis

    The step in the x-axis is set automatically depending on the time-frame you select for the graph. But it can be changed in the dropdown in the upper left corner of the timeline box.

    Changing graph type

     you can choose to present the time graph as a line- or as a bar chart. Click on the chart symbol in the upper right corner of the graph.

    Move, resize or delete timeline

    You can minimize the timeline box by clicking on the arrows in the upper right corner. Delete the box by clicking on the trash bin symbol or move it around by dragging and dropping it where you see fit.

    Don’t want to read? Watch tutorial: