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Filter by time

You can choose to add time filter to your result for a specific period of time, or interval of time. For example: If you have an ongoing NPS survey that is sent on a regular basis, and will remain active for a longer period of time, you can filter your report to only display the results that have been registered in the last 30 days.

This can be useful for displaying relevant survey responses and keeping track of the progression of your survey results.

Time filter

To set a time filter, locate the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner of your report, which is set to All time by default.

Filter reports by date with Netigate

There are a number of preset options you can choose from. Or you can set a custom time frame by selecting Custom in the dropdown menu.

After selecting a start date, the end date will automatically populate with today’s date. You can change this to any date you want.

You can also locate this dropdown by selecting Filters in the MANAGE REPORT menu, and then choosing your Report period. 

NOTE: Changes to this dropdown, in either of the two locations, affect the whole report.

Time filters on series

Time filters can also be set on specific series you have included in the report. In the left-hand menu, select FILTERS and set your desired time frame by clicking the arrow in the Report period section.

You can define a desired time frame for each series you have set by using the corresponding dropdown box. For example, you can have one series displaying the result for the last 12 months, a second one for the last 6 months, and a third for the past 30 days. This will give you a quick overview of the progression of your results over time.

If you have not set an individual time frame for a series, it will adopt the time frame of the report by default.

Note: A series with an individually defined time frame will not be affected by the time frame set for the whole report.