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Add response timeline

Adding a response timeline to your report version will help illustrate the answer distribution through time. 

If you have an ongoing or a long-running survey, you might want to track how the answers are distributed across a certain period of time. E.g. you may want to check if there are clear spikes in answers caused by a particular send out or reminder.

Adding a response timeline to a dash 

  1. Click Left Menu > Manage Layout > Add to add a timeline at the bottom of your report
    You can drag and reposition the timeline once it’s added.

    Click on any symbol between the dashes where you want to place your timeline.
  2. Add new dash window will open 
  3. Select the Metrics tab in Add new dash modal 
  4. Select Response Timeline box and click Add

Editing the timeline

By default, the Response Timeline will show the response distribution for the survey period selected in the time filter dropdown.  

You can zoom into a shorter period of time by clicking on the preset time frames above the graph via
Zoom > Week > Month > Quarter > Year 

Or drag and adjust the blue time selection bar under the graph.