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Question types

Once you have created your survey you will see a bar of different types of question types on the left side of your screen. Either drag and drop or just click the option. The question will, by default, be placed as the last question on the page you are currently working on. Change the placement of the question by dragging and dropping it to your prefered location.

The Question Bank with premade questions from Netigate experts is always available on the top of the insert section to use or get inspired by.

We will now take a quick tour of the different inserts, and what they are typically used for:

  • Radio button – Radio buttons are used when only one of multiple answer options can be chosen.
  • Checkbox – Checkboxes should be used when multiple answer options can be chosen.
  • Matrix – Matrix should be used when you need to group questions that have the same answer option scale.
  • Dropdown – Dropdowns should be used when only one of multiple answer options can be chosen.  Instead of displaying all the options, you can simply add them in a dropdown menu.
  • Slider – Sliders can be used by respondents to show their desired value on a sliding scale.
  • Star rating – Star rating can be used by respondents to rate answer options in questions using stars. E.g. when rating a restaurant or a product. This should be used when only one of multiple answer options can be chosen.
  • Textbox – Textboxes make it possible for respondents to enter brief text as a response. For example, in the form of a contact form, or if you want more information about the background for the answer to a previous question. This can also be used to create a word cloud.
  • Info text – Info text should be used when you need to add information to your survey, without it being directly connected to a question. You can add it on a separate page, as well as on the same page as the question that needs further explanation. It can also be used for inserting media images and video clips. You can add up to 1,975 characters.
  • Media – Media is to be used when you need to add images or video clips to your survey. If you are using Netigate as a learning platform, this is a great tool to add lectures or instructional videos. It is also a great tool in combination with any of the other question inserts.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) – Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a way to measure loyalty and the method is built around a single question: How likely are you to recommend (our company/your employer) to a friend or colleague?
  • Magic Import – Netigate’s Magic Import feature allows you to paste your survey questions easily and quickly from elsewhere (e.g. a Word document or an older survey) to automatically create a new survey in Netigate. This is a great tool if you feel more comfortable creating surveys in other platforms than Netigate.