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Time Limit & Timer

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    If you want to use Netigate for quizzes or tests, this is of course possible! Follow these steps to create your quiz or test.

    Step 1: Quiz settings
    Step 2: Add questions and answers
    Step 3:Timer and Time Limit
    Step 4: Adding a point system

    What is Time Limit and Timer?

    Time Limit is the overall limit to the amount of time spent on a page or the survey/quiz/test.
    Timer is a countdown of how much time you have left until the Time Limit is reached.

    The Time Limit and the Timer function has two uses. It can be set to either

    • define the maximum number of minutes spent on a survey, or
    • the number of seconds before getting redirected after finishing a survey.

    To read more about using Time Limit to redirect after finishing a survey click here.

    How do I add a Time Limit to my quiz?

    You can set a custom time limit to a survey by adding [TIMELIMIT:X] in the Intro Text field of a survey. X represents the number of minutes the respondent has to respond to a survey or quiz. Replace X with the number of minutes you want to allow for your survey/quiz/test.


    [TIMELIMIT:1] will give the respondents 1 minute to complete an entire survey.

    Important: Setting a time limit overrides the survey settings for ‘Allow access to completed answers’.

    How do I add a Timer to each page?

    Start by adding an Info Text field on each page where you want the timer to appear. In each respective text field, the text [TIMER] needs to be added.

    Using the Timer function will cause a timer to appear when responding to the survey. It will count down the time set by the Time Limit command.

    If the Time Limit is reached, it will send the user to the end of the survey instead of to the next page when the user tries to proceed.