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Manage or delete filters

You can view your current filters and manage them via the Filters menu on the left-hand side of the report window.

If there are filters added to your report, you will see the total number in a blue circle next to Filters. Once you click Filters, a new menu will open where you can view general filters and filters on series. General filters affect the entire report, while Filters on series only affect the specific series that you select.

Manage general filters

The first section of the General filters window shows you the time filter which is explained here.

The second item is a toggle to Show only completed answers. This allows you to filter the report to see only answers from respondents who completed the whole survey. When this option is turned on, any answers provided by respondents who did not complete the survey are excluded from your report. This option is turned off by default.

Manage series filters

The series filter section is an overview of any filters you have applied to series in the report. Under the series name, you will see the options that have been included or excluded for that series. You can remove the filters by clicking the icon. The arrow icon ➦ beside the selected question allows you to jump to the associated question in the survey.