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QA tags

Table of contents

    Standard use

    When you create a Netigate survey each question will be identified with a tag labelled with the text QA. Each question in each survey, gets marked with an identifier and this specific aspect is very convenient when you want to personalise your project (read more about this here “Main article”).

    As you can in the example below it is possible to visualise the content in the answer from a specific question on a later question/page in the survey. On the right corner of each question block you will display a block with the text [QA – -123456- -QA] and this is, in fact, the tag you can paste as proper content in a different question

    Important: Please note that this type of procedure is only possible if you work on separate pages in your survey. Display of tags within the same page is not possible.

    QA-tags in emails with background data

    Another very convenient way of using QA-tags is personalise your emails in surveys where you work with background data (see other article link for reference). Once you have uploaded an Excel-file with background data, page 1) in your survey will show you all the background data parameters created as either textboxes or dropdown menus.

    These textboxes and drop-downs will also have a QA-tag that could be pasted in the email send-out as you can see in the picture below.

    QA-tags as page titles in your survey

    The QA-tag can be used as page titles in your surveys. As you can in the example below, this is a very convenient way of working with this feature in order to avoid misunderstandings for the respondent answering specific blocks of questions