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Allow filtering

If you allow filtering of the shared report, the recipient of the report can make breakedowns suited for their needs. When sharing a report, you can decide whether a recipient is limited to viewing rights only, or is allowed to filter down on answers.

Allowing filtering will let a recipient narrow down the selection further, but not widen the selection beyond any filters applied by the report creator.

Do not allow filtering in a report

SHARE > Settings icon  >  Filter limit (toggle off)

All numbers in the shared report are deactivated and cannot be filtered on.

Allow filtering in a report

SHARE > Settings icon  > Filter limit (toggle on)

All numbers in the shared report are clickable and the recipient can filter further on the available data set.

Note: No filters applied in the shared report are saved. Any time a recipient reloads the page or enters the report again, the report is reset to the initial filters applied by the creator.

If exporting the shared report is allowed, the filters applied by the recipient will not be reflected in the export.

Set a filter limit for a shared report

You can limit the recipient’s permission to filter by applying a filter limit. This setting allows you to protect answers from smaller respondent groups from being revealed.

To set a limit, click SHARE > Settings icon  > Filter limit (toggle on) > Filter limit set to > 0

The most popular filter limit is 5, but you can apply any number of your choice.

Filter limits prohibit filtering on any number below what is set. So if the limit is 5, the report recipient can filter on groups ≥5.

NOTE: If the report is shared from an account that has its own filter limit applied on the user level, the shared report will not allow the recipient to filter on a smaller group of answers than the one the report creator has. E.g.  If the user has FL 10 and he shared the report with FL 5, the report recipient will not be allowed to filter on any answer set below 10.

Filter limit not working?

I am trying to filter on an answer set far above my filter limit, but it won’t allow me do that. Why?

This situation may occur if the filter limit will make the total number of remaining answers in the report below your filter limit.

For example, there can be an EXCLUDE filter applied on a word cloud or any other question. For example, let’s say the report creator excluded all the text answers using the word “Communication”. Then the report recipient with filter limit 5 tries to filter on question What department you work in? and then filters on HR with 20 people and gets a filter limit alert. That is because although 20 is more that 5, applying this filter will leave less answers in the report than 5, since only 3 people in HR have not used the word “Communication” in their text answer.