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Password protect your report

Password protect your shared reports is an additional security measure. If your report includes sensitive data, you don’t want unauthorized people to have access to it. Adding password protection ensures that only those people with the password can view the report.

Turn on password protect

You can active passive protection and generate a report password by clicking: SHARE > Settings icon ⚙ > Password protected (toggle on).

There are no strict requirements for the password you input for the report. However, we do recommend you use a strong password to make sure the data is properly protected.

The password is applied immediately after you type it into the available box. The green checkmark confirms that the password is applied. Any changes to this password are applied to the shared report instantly.

Automatically generate a password

You can also automatically generate a password by clicking GENERATE PASSWORD under the password box.

Note: if you have a password manager (e.g. LastPass, 1Password, etc.) activated in your web browser, it can convert the Password you are typing into asterisks *** as you enter it. So if you want to make sure there are no typos in the password, you need to temporarily deactivate the password manager and activate it again after the password is added.

Sharing the password with the report recipient has to occur outside the Netigate tool.