Netigate Success Center


Administration settings

For each Netigate account, your company can assign certain users to be administrators of that account. What this means is that those people are responsible for keeping user accesses and system settings up to date. The most crucial responsibility is to create and maintain user accesses active. Part of this responsibility is also to make sure that each individual user has the correct permissions so that they can see the surveys that are relevant to their work and if they should be able to create and edit surveys do so as well.

There are several different account settings that need the attention of administrators as well. These settings include password settings, data retention, and set up the survey folders for your survey categorisation, among others.

Read about Data Retention, DKIM and Export Personal Data in Security & Data Retention.

Company settings

In company settings you can upload and replace your company logo. The company logo will be shown on all users Start Page, on top of surveys in respondent view, as well as in reports.