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    Blocklist is a function used to filter out respondents that should not be contacted via email and/or SMS. A respondent that is added to the Blocklist will never be contacted with any sendouts from the survey distribution of that company account. The Blocklist applies to the entire company account and cannot be set for individual surveys.

    As admin, you can see the button blocklist in your company account settings. You cannot see this button if you are not an admin.

    How do I add respondents to the blocklist?

    To add respondents to the blocklist, click the +ADD RESPONDENTS-button. Add the e-mail addresses in the open text area and make sure that you separate them with either comma, semicolon, or a line break.

    Once you have added all the addresses that you wish to add to the company account blocklist you will need to click one of the selectable lists, Add to Bounce list or Add to Blocklist and the addresses will immediately be added to that list.

    What is the difference between blocklist and bounce list?

    The main difference is in name only. As functionality goes there is no difference. An address that is added to the bounce list reacts the same way as an address that is added to the block list. It is just two different categories that you can use to filter addresses.

    If you do sendouts from your account where you include “Opt-Out”-links to your email sendouts, all respondents that click this opt-out link are automatically added to the Blocklist.

    In case it is relevant for you to keep track of how many respondents use the opt-out links of your sendouts we recommend you use the Bounce list as a separate list for those addresses you add manually while the Blocklist is exclusively for those that opt-out of sendouts.

    How do I view addresses that are added to the block list?

    To view addresses that are added to the Blocklist or bounce list, select the folder and you will get an overview of all addresses added to zed folder.

    As you can see in the screenshot, you are presented with Email, Block type, and Date added. You can sort your list by clicking on the categories. Under block type you will see whether the address is on the Bounce or Blocklist. If you only want to see addresses in one specific folder, select that folder in the dropdown above.

    At the bottom of the screen you have the option to “Remove from Blocklist”, or Download the Blocklist to Excel. To remove an address from the blocklist, you can mark the checkbox to the left of the email address in the list and then click remove and that address will no longer be blocked from receiving sendouts.