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May 2023

Now available: Excel and RAW export for Text Analysis answers

Excel exports now include Text Analysis answers in Text Analysis-enabled surveys. A separate tab in the Excel export will be populated, showing sentiment, keywords, and topics.

RAW exports now include Text Analysis answers in Text Analysis enabled surveys. A separate tab in the RAW export will be populated, which includes all background information from the values page, and shows all Text Analysis answers with sentiment, keywords and topics for each open text response. Responses will display each individual respondent per row.

New to Text Analysis? Download our Quick Start guide here.

Feb 2022

Quiz settings

A Quiz survey option has been added to the Survey settings menu, which will turn your survey into a quiz. By turning this setting on, only question types and options that are compatible with a quiz survey will be active. All questions types except radio buttons, info text, media and background data will be disabled.

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Feb 2021

Visualise goals and progress in your Netigate reports with target values and threshold intervals

Target values and threshold intervals have now been activated for Professional and Enterprise license holders. Setting target values allows you to insert visual markers for your goal results in your Netigate reports. Threshold intervals then provide a traffic light system to help you clearly track the status of your goals. Watch the tutorial below learn how to use these features— in less than two minutes!

Feb 2020

Show list of hidden words

In the new report, you can now inspect and change the list of all words manually hidden from your word clouds. Also, you can find out whether any of the blacklists are activated on your account, preventing certain words from showing in your word clouds (admin setting).

Go to Dash Options in your word cloud and click on Hidden Words in the top right corner. You will see all the hidden words in a dop-down menu. If you changed your mind and want to include one or more words again in the word cloud display, simply select the individual checkbox or choose Select all and click Restore Words.

If you share the report containing word clouds with hidden words, those words will not be visible for the report recipient either.

This feature allows you to easily and efficiently work with word clouds and include and exclude certain words from the respondents’ answers.

show hidden words

Feb 2020

Respondent overview integrated in menu

The respondent overview is now conveniently located in the left-hand menu of your report. This allows you to access the overview of your respondents easier than ever before. Simply click on Respondents in the menu bar.

The left menu is also redesigned to clearly distinguish all the previously saved reports (Saved Reports >) from the options for changing the report you are currently working on (options below Manage Reports).

respondent overview part of settings menu

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Feb 2020

Switch between report and create mode

If you want to switch between the Edit-mode and the report of your survey, you can do so with just one click. To reach the Edit-mode, simply click on the name of your survey. You will see it as a hyperlink at the top of your report.

This option is particularly useful if you want to make any changes to the survey retroactively. For instance, you can quickly turn a question into a weighted one and see the outcome in the report right away. Further, you can quickly refresh your memory on the questions’ presentation, layout, type, or click on the preview to check how the question was presented to the respondents.

create and report

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Jan 2020

Visualising non-weighted matrix questions with multiple series

We have improved the graphs and tables for non-weighted matrix questions with multiple series. All the answer options in the graph inherit the colour of the series and differentiate from each other by having various levels of transparency. This approach also applies to the table, making it easier to read and match visual and numerical data in the graph and the table. With the new visualisation, it takes less time to make sense of complex matrix questions.

visualise non-weighted matrix questions with multiple series

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Dec 2019

Hide word from all wordclouds

We have updated the way you can work with hiding words from a word cloud. Previously, you were able to hide a word from one specific word cloud. Now, you can select a word which will be hidden from all word clouds within the same report. You can then save the report without that word.

For example, in the picture of the report below, the word “ventilation” is very obvious. If you have already taken measures to improve the ventilation, you might want to exclude that word from the cloud. This allows you to save 2 versions of the report, one with the word ventilation and one without the word ventilation. Even when you close the report, your choice will have been saved for the next time you open it. If you saved the report without a specific word, you can also share that report and recipients of your shared report will not see the word.

hide word from wordcloud

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Dec 2019

Metric Desktop/Mobile now available in New Report

In the new report, you can now see which device your respondents have used to answer your survey. To enable the metric, click the cog-symbol to the right and choose Device used. This gives you an overview of the percentage of people that accessed your survey via mobile and via desktop.

device used metric in new report

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Dec 2019

Language footer in shared report

You now have the option to change the language in your shared reports. When you scroll to the bottom, you will see 4 flags in the footer which enable you to switch language between English, German, Norwegian, and Swedish.

language footer

What does this mean for you as a Netigate user?
When you share reports, you do not need to worry about the language preferences of your report recipients anymore. They can choose the language they are most comfortable with, regardless of the language you are using inside the Netigate platform.

Note: This feature changes the language of the tool itself, e.g. descriptions, headings, errors, etc. It does not change the language of the actual questions and results. To change the language of the actual questions, the survey needs to have been created in the multi-language tool. You will see a drop-down menu in the top right corner of your report to switch survey language if applicable.

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Dec 2019

Shared report respects user set UI language

When you share a report, the recipients will receive the report in the language that you have created the report in. Example: If you have saved your report in German and share the report, the recipients will receive it in German as well. Consider creating your report in a language that most of your recipients are able to understand, before sharing a report.

Note: The language refers to the user-interface and not to the questions and answers themselves. Those are dependent on the multi-language tool and whether translations of the survey were made.

Tip: Recipients of the report can still change the language through the flags at the bottom of the report if they do not understand your language.

ui language in shared report

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Dec 2019

Powerpoint export available in shared report

You can now decide if people who receive a shared report from you are allowed to export it in Powerpoint.

powerpoint export on shared report

If you allow the PPT (Powerpoint) sharing, recipients of your report will see a drop-down menu in the top right corner of the report. This will allow them to export the report in Powerpoint and then use and modify it according to their needs.

export shared report in PPT

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Dec 2019

Password protection on shared links

You can now protect your shared reports with a password to ensure that your data is safe. This ensures that no one can access your reports unless you share the password with them. This is a security feature in line with GDPR.

password protection

In your share settings

Read more about this in our article Protect your shared report with a password

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Oct 2019


Custom-Index is now available in the new report. You can choose between the Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI), Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) or standard average. The respective index can, for example, serve you as an internal benchmark to follow whether you are improving in certain areas or not.

custom index

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Jul 2019

New Report available

The new report section is now available for all customers. To access it, switch to New Report in the top corner of your report. You can go back to the old layout by using the Classic Report button.

What does it mean for you as a Netigate user?

The analysis section of Netigate is now even more user-friendly, faster, and more powerful. Analyse, customise and visualise data to your specifications. Show only the survey information that is relevant to you. Benefit from features such as Powerful exporting and sharing, Filter results over time, Individual respondent answers, and big data. Read more here: 

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