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des 2019

Hide word from all wordclouds

We have updated the way you can work with hiding words from a word cloud. Previously, you were able to hide a word from one specific word cloud. Now, you can select a word which will be hidden from all word clouds within the same report. You can then save the report without that word.

For example, in the picture of the report below, the word «ventilation» is very obvious. If you have already taken measures to improve the ventilation, you might want to exclude that word from the cloud. This allows you to save 2 versions of the report, one with the word ventilation and one without the word ventilation. Even when you close the report, your choice will have been saved for the next time you open it. If you saved the report without a specific word, you can also share that report and recipients of your shared report will not see the word.

hide word from wordcloud

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