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How can I resend the personalised link to a specific person in a personalised e-mail?

In the Distribution overview, you will find the option to send a reminder to individual people. This is different to the option to send reminders to whole groups of people (people who have not answered yet, for example). Once in Distribution overview, select Sent objects and click on the linked number. A pop-up window will then appear, showing a list of all participants. Locate the person you would like to send a reminder to and then click the e-mail icon next to their name.

Opt-out. Where can I see who has opted out?

  1. Per survey: Check the respondent list in your email send-out. Respondents that opted out, will have a label in a new column called opt-out. You will see the date they opted out as well.
  2. General: As admin, you can go to account settingsblocklist. Here, you can see all respondents from the entire account that are blocked (clicked on the opt-out link, were manually blocked, etc.).

Can I add background variables even after send-out?

It does not matter if you import background variables before or after you send out your survey. What is important, however, is that the respondent list has been uploaded for the survey and, ideally, contains all background variables. It is important to import background data before the send-out if you want to base logic on your background data.

I want to reuse a survey, how do I do that?

You can create a new send-out for an existing survey. To do this, go to your survey and choose the preferred distribution method (e.g. via e-mail). Alternatively, go to your existing send-out and add a new respondent list (even if the list contains the same respondents) and order a new send-out.

The link to my survey dosen’t work

If you have respondents contacting you saying the link they’ve received dosen’t work double check the following things:

  • Make sure the survey is activated and online.
  • Ask them to copy & paste the link in to a new browser tab/window instead, in some cases settings made in the respondents e-mail client can make links not clickable.
  • Have they been accidentally removed from the send out in your survey? Edit the send out in your survey and check the respondent list.

If any issues still persist please do contact us and we’ll gladly help!

Why is the calendar in my sendout greyed out?

The end date of your survey has expired. Go to survey settings and prolong the end date.

Can you use an alias for links to surveys in Netigate?

We offer Branded URLs. These let you give your links individual names. Please contact your CR Manager for further details. Alternatively, you can search the term ‘URL shortener’ or ‘shorten link’ online. Here you will find many websites offering such a service. If you want to use the link to printed media (e.g. flyers, newspapers), we recommend you use the QR code. The participant can then simply scan it. We recommend a mobile-friendly design for the survey if you use QR codes.

Can I use background tags in the subject of an email?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. You can use background tags in the email copy and in surveys.

What is the difference between an e-mail survey and a link survey?

By selecting E-mail survey your survey is distributed as a link though e-mail. The system uses the respondent’s e-mail address to identify the individual respondents.

By choosing Link survey your survey is distributed via a link. You can share this link in different ways, e.g. by e-mail or on your website. Since a link survey cannot be connected to a specific e-mail address, the survey is held anonymously.

Is it possible to add a reminder to my survey?

Yes, it’s easily done, whether a survey is active or inactive. Log in to your account as usual, click View results or edit survey and then click the Edit-symbol. In the left menu under the Distribution you click the Mail-tab. At the bottom of the page you find the date settings for the reminder. Select the date you want your reminder to be sent out. If you, for example, choose 2 March, the reminder will be sent out at 00:01 on 2 March. Click the green arrow to save and continue.

Is it possible to select and save two reminder dates?

You can add one or more reminders to your send-out. To do so, please click on Add Reminder in your Mail or SMS send-out. You will get the option to choose date and time of your reminders.

How do I add more respondents to my existing email send-out?

To add new respondents to an existing send-out you first need to Edit your existing send-out. You can do that by either clicking the name of the send-out, the Pen-Symbol at the right side of the send-out, or directly on the number of respondents. Go to the tab Respondents, click Add email addresses and add the email addresses in the box of the pop-up. Click Add to finish adding new respondents. By clicking Continue you will come to the next tab Order. When you can click on Order at the bottom of the page the email will be sent to the newly added respondents.

Is it possible to change the date for an already saved reminder?

It is possible to change the date both before and after you have sent out your survey. Log in to your account as usual, click View results or edit survey and then click the Edit-symbol. In the left menu under the Distribution-tab you click the Mail-tab. At the bottom of the page you find the date settings for the reminder. Select the new date you wish to send out your reminder and then click Reset reminder. Netigate automatically changes the date. Under the Order-tab you will now see your new reminder date.

Why can’t I choose a specific date for my send-out?

The send-out date must be sometime between the survey’s start date and min. one day before the survey’s end date. If you cannot choose your desired send-out date you will need to go to Other Settings in your survey and change the start and/or end date of the survey.

What happens if my respondent list contains duplicates?

Netigate automatically recognises if the Excel file you upload contains doublets. This means there is no risk that you distribute a survey twice to the same person. Note: If you use several Excel files, the system will not recognise duplicates from different files.