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Data Retention

What will be deleted when I use Partial delete?

Open text answers, background data and respondent contact details. These will then have effect on any reports and shared reports saved.

Can you choose exactly what data to delete in the partial deletion?

Not at the release date. At the moment both contact information and open text answers will be deleted. We are working on adding the functionality to make it easy for you to only delete background data or free text answers or both.

What will be deleted when I use Full delete?

All of the following will be deleted when you use Full delete: All answers connected to the survey, all reports connected to the survey, all respondents connected to the survey, all questions and sendouts connected to the survey, and all translations connected to the survey.

Any way to disable full deletion on a specific survey?

If you do not want one or more specific survey(s) to be delete after X days set with the account level retention settings you can use the retention settings on survey level instead and have a date set there that is later then what would happen with the account level settings.

Which setting will overwrite which one? Account setting or survey level setting?

Retention settings on survey level will override any settings made on account level.

What will happen to surveys that are ongoing and have a end date that is 1 or more years away?

The retention settings on account level are set and connected to the end date of a survey so those will not have effect on the survey until the end date has passed. You can instead use the survey level retention settings to have a partial delete at certain dates instead, for example the first day each quarter.

If employees (respondents) ask to have their historical response data deleted, does that mean the historical results at group level will be altered?

Yes. If you use the function to delete one or more answers connected to a survey, the calculations for each affected question will change. This can have wide-reaching effects; for example, NPS values could become higher or lower.